Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations

One-on-one, customized support for your baby or toddlers feeding journey.

Whether your baby is refusing a bottle, your toddler is having difficulty chewing, or your kiddo is a picky eater- we want to help! Schedule a 30 minute phone consultation and allow us to help you work through your child’s feeding difficulties.

Bottle Aversion Consultation

Comprehensive evaluation of difficulties and current feeding tendencies. A detailed home program will be provided at the end of the consultation.

Picky Eating Consultation

Comprehensive assessment of your child’s picky eating tendencies. We will work through functional ways to increase bites of non-preferred foods.

Lactation Consultation

Comprehensive assessment of the babies oral structures, mothers breast, babies latch and ability to sustain a feeding. Evaluation based upon mother and babies concerns.


An online program geared towards families with concerns regarding picky eating. A video of a complete meal will be sent in from the family which will be carefully assessed. Your family will receive personalized and comprehensive strategies to start implementing during mealtimes at home.


Lactation evaluation with the addition of two 30 minute feeding sessions. As breast feeding is an ever evolving process, two additional visits allows for further counseling and sustainable breastfeeding success.