Child Superheroes

Child Superheroes

For all the kiddo heroes out there!

?? For the kiddo who stutters and fights anxiety every time they speak in class.

?? For the kiddo who chokes on liquids and needs thickener added to their Chick Fil A lemonade.

??For the kiddo with Autism who wants to be able to have conversations with friends.

?? For the kiddo with hearing aids who uses extra amplification in class.

?? For the kiddo who is tube fed and works on experiencing new textures on a daily basis.

??For the kiddo who is language delayed and pretends to understand what his siblings are saying.

??For the kiddo who uses gestures and signs to communicate because others can’t understand their words.

??For the kiddo who uses an AAC device to talk to others because they are nonverbal.

?? For the kiddo with a tracheostomy who learns to use a Passy Muir valve to tell family “I love you.”

Y’all are the truest of heroes and the most sincere motivation!