Reading Benefits

Reading Benefits

One of the main questions an SLP receives is, “What can I do to boost my child’s language?” As simple as the answer is, reading to our children has immeasurable literacy, social and emotional benefits!

? Caregivers can and should start reading to their children as INFANTS! This might seem young but your already triggering a child’s brain to pick up on the nuances of your home language.

? Reading face time face with your child allows your kiddo to watch how you pronounce simple and complex words. This improves articulation/pronunciation later in life.

? Sitting and reading with your child boosts emotional health and happiness. One on one experiences and play that are rich in language increases relationships between caregivers and children.

? SLP Tip: Guide your kiddos fingers to touch pictures while naming items in order to give their language an extra boost. Tactile and auditory experiences increases literacy skills!